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For the last few years, I have been celebrating my name day by the sea and every year on a different island – Kimolos, Lemnos, Skiathos…

This year I opted for the mountain and I confess I did not regret it at all. Epirus; an ideal place for hiking, and connection with natureTymfi mountain had been an open-case in my mind because last time we were on a trip to Zagori (with our main route being the crossing of Vikos canyon), I got injured and could not follow the team to reach the dragon lake. I was heartbroken, I admit – so  I took a rain check. But fortunately, I was eventually rewarded.

I fully enjoyed the colors of spring, the incredible smells, the beautiful flowers, seeing snow and lakes which are not there during summer, taking photos of rivers with crystal clear waters and countless historic bridges. And to top all these up, we hardly saw any people even though it was the first weekend that tourism operated normally … a green scenery at our feet wherever we looked…

The list of suggested routes is inexhaustible! If someone has plenty of time to spend, he/she can walk all day on the paths and trails moving around from one village to another, staying each night in a different one from a bucket list of the wonderful guesthouses.

Kapesovo – Καπέσοβο – Vradeto steps – Beloeh

Vitsa – Dilofos – Kokori Bridge (Koukouli) – VItsa (circular route)

Papigo – Refugee – Dragonlake (Altitude 2.050m)

Vikos – Springs

Recommended accommodation

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