Research, University of Aegean, Department of Environment

Research, University of Aegean, Department of Environment

Happy and lucky travellers!!!
If you just came back from your trip to a Greek island destination, I would be grateful if you could spare 15 minutes of your time to complete my questionnaire; it is part of my PhD research project which is focused on identifying the most sustainable type of tourism for the island destinations. Have in mind that there is an option to temporarily save your answers and come back to fully complete it, at your own pace. Your participation will be valuable and highy appreciated – THANK YOU VERY MUCH!


If you own a tourism business (accommodation, catering, transport, activities’ services) and wish to join a wider network that will support the transition to a more sustainable form of tourism, provide your details by clicking here
Sustainable Getaways


We are looking for tourists, travelers, and friends of the environment who are eager to act as ambassadors of the transition towards sustainable wellness and nature tourism. If you are interested to participate in a research by the Aegean Tourism Observatory, please fill in the questionnaire by clicking here