Lesvos; a four-season destination!

Lesvos is the third largest island of Greece, birthplace of the famous painter Theophilos and place of origin of other talented writers and poets. A wonderful destination with a unique identity offering beautiful images from one coast to the other. Are you ready to explore it?

While strolling around the city of Mytilene, you get the feeling of a mixture of cultures that seem to meet again and again over the years… Neoclassical mansions with impressive architecture, monuments of the Ottoman era, a beautiful castle and the imposing dome of the church of Agios Therapontos are indeed features that will not escape your attention.

Points of interest within the city limits

  • The museums of Teriade and Theofilos
  • The Ancient Theatre of Mytilene
  • The Roman Aqueduct of Moria

The island that the famous poet Odysseus Elytis adored, is well-known for the petrified forest of Sigri which joined the World Network of Geoparks and has been recognized by UNESCO as one of the oldest geological heritage sites. A tour of its open-air exhibition area as well as the Natural History Museum is an unforgettable experience. The geopark extends over the wider area of West Lesvos and spreads out as far as Megalonisi or Meganisi or Nisiopi (look for the legend about the… Island of Silence). A boat operating by the museum runs during the summer from Sigri and visitors can view fossilized trunks that touch on land and end up in the sea with impressive colorations and volcanic rocks.

Molyvos. One of the most charming villages on the island with cobbled streets, interesting restaurants and wonderful shops. Walk up to the castle where the amazing view from above will certainly reward you. At the lowest point, the picturesque fishing port with its boats and trawlers make up a scenic sunset. There are many options for dinner or staying up late having fun at a bar. Within a very short distance, Petra is worth visiting, with the imposing Panagia Glykofilousa dominating a rock. The location is a diving center, where you can start an excursion to explore the seabed of the surrounding area, or the Aspronissia and the southern part of the island.

Plomari. Popular tourist destination that is directly associated with the authentic ouzo and the lovely tavernas by the sea. Walk through the village’s neighborhoods, admire old and grand mansions of traditional architecture and have a Greek coffee at a cafenio. Do not miss the legendary Plomari Club (where the Veniaminia Chess Race is held during the summer) and the Soap Museum, which operates in the renovated building of the former Poulia soap factory. If you are into exploring, organize an unforgettable getaway in the land or sea zone of the island with Seafari Adventures.

A well preserved village that stands out is Agiasos on the slopes of Mount Olympus, where coffee in the hovoli or kaenari at one of the traditional cafes, is one of the must-do experiences on the island. Both in Agiasos and Asomatos village you can find fine woodcrafts (Kamaros Charalambos) and ceramics (Hatzigiannis Dimitris). Before you leave, visit the Library and taste the vasilopita, a local dessert that is offered throughout the year. At the western side of the island, Vatousa is a lesser known beautiful village with stunning natural scenery. Taste the local cuisine at Ta Chania, and visit the Filia Rose farm at the neighbouring village, where you can take food and beauty products made mainly by rose.

Suggested activities

Bird watching at the wetland of Kalloni, and Polychnitos and West Lesvos salt marshes with Eleni Galinou as a guide. Combine it with a visit at the Sanctuary of Messa and the Museum of Olive Oil Industry.

Hiking and cycling on the paths of Amali inside dense forest with unlimited views as well as through the chestnut forest of Agiasos on the slopes of Mount Olympus of Lesvos. Other trail and trekking routes await you in Megalochori, Lepetymnos and West and South Lesvos (lava trails). Your hikes can become even more compelling, if you are into exploring waterfalls (Vathilimnos, Mankatsa, Klapados) and miraculous caves telling stories of centuries.

Thermal baths. Experience wellness of body and soul at Thermaspa and relax while enjoying the view of the Geras’ Gulf during the sunset. On your way back, the taverna in the picturesque little harbour in Skala Pyrgi is an excellent choice to dine out by the sea.

Horse riding. Feel the sea breeze, cross rivers, and ride through olive groves, letting the horse lead you to the natural beauties of the island in Molyvos, Gera, as well as the villages surrounding Plomari.

Monasteries. Lesvos attracts a large number of pilgrims every year who visit the Monastery of Agios Rafael, while some reach the Archangelos Taxiarchis, located in the beautiful village of Mantamados, even on foot. The Monastery of Limonos is also quite popular.

Top beaches

* Agios Isidoros and Tarti. On your way there, it is worth making a stop at the two Ouzo MuseumsIsidoros Arvanitis Distillery & Varvagiannis Distillery.

* Eftalou. At the east part of the beach, seize the opportunity to dive into the natural thermal springs. In close proximity, visit the village of Lepetymnos, at the foot of the homonymous mountain with the highest altitude on the island (969m.). Meet George at Kariofylli Farm and ask to walk around the area where organic aronia is cultivated. Do not forget to taste its tea and dried fruit, which are excellent sources of antioxidants.

* Golden Sand (or Chrissi Ammos). After swimming, watch the sunset at Skala Sikamnia and enjoy a meal at one of the fish tavernas next to the sea. Equally pleasant is the taverna situated in the square of Ano Sikamnia.

* Vatera. The longest beach on the island overlooking Chios. Within the same area, there is Polychnitos, famous for its cheese products and also Lisvori with its vast fields where aniseed is cultivated.

* Agios Ermogenis. Located within a relatively short distance from Mytilene, it is a small picturesque gulf with crystal clear, green-blue waters that will definitely enchant you.

* Skala Eressos. With an endless sandy beach, clear blue waters, and a fantastic sunset, it promises unique moments of peace and intense fun. Home of the lyrical poetess Sappho, Eresos, sets out another important attraction, the Acropolis (Vigla Fort) of the ancient city, which is built over the sea between dry volcanic masses next to the ruins of its castle.

Recommended accommodation

Local products

Lesvos is known for its olive oil, salted sardines, ouzo, ladotiri cheese and hachles. Look for them at Periklis shop (45, Ermou Street/ tel. +302251024727). You can also find interesting gifts at Olive Wood House (Pamphila) by choosing from an exhibition of olive wood crafts.

ALL photos © Eleni Alexiou (WellnessTales)

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