A mixed match between nature and beauty. Explore the Dodecanese islands!

Even if the Dodecanese denote 12 islands, there are many more which belong to this group; the remaining well known are…

  • Rhodes; the capital of the south-east Aegean with the medieval beauty
  • Karpathos; An eco-friendly island where you can enjoy pure beauty! Count it on, if you are planning to escape for surfing! 
  • Kalymnos a climbing paradise well known to adventure seekers from all over the world
  • Astypalea; the butterfly of the Aegean with its wonderful windmills
  • Patmos with the successive waves of religious tourism
  • Leros with people “getting crazy” due to endless slap happiness
  • Nisiros with its active volcano worth visiting
  • Tilos with its pioneering Municipality
  • Kastelorizo (or Megisti); the remotest of all greek islands, one picturesque well hidden treasure
  • Lipsi; ideal for relaxing holidays and pleasant hiking or cycling routes
  • Kasos the little princess, where one can view Karpathos but Crete as well
  • Simi with the colourful neoclassical houses
  • Chalki; the artistic unspoiled island with 2 beautiful beaches within a few minutes walk
Apela beach, Karpathos
Olympos, Karpathos
Kira Panagia beach, Karpathos
Kasos’ view from Karpathos
Prasonisi, Rhodes
Filerimos, Rhodes 
Monte Smith, Rhodes
Panormitis, Simi
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