Crocus Kozanis (Greek saffron), the “red gold” of the Greek land

In Krokos, Kozani, this is the period when the “red gold” of the Greek land is collected; a product characterized as a Protected Designation of Origin (PDO, 1999) and acknowledged for its aroma, color and healing properties. It is the most expensive spice in the world because the process before standardization is completely manual, tedious, and intense and must be completed within a fixed time schedule so that the plant does not lose its value. From ancient years, saffron is known for its uses as a medicine and flavoring but also as a dye. Its main benefits include powerful antioxidant and aphrodisiac effects. Iran covers more than 90% of the international production, nonetheless the Greek saffron is recognized as of exceptional quality with a sale price of 18 euros per 0.2g!

If you wish to buy or order saffron, contact a local producer: Tel. +30699-6414588 or Mob. +30693-6807064 (Nick)/ email:

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