A picture can draw attention within a few seconds. But what if there is also a small story to tell? The combination:

Conveys emotions and values...

Inspires and can actually transform a thought or will into action...

Reveals the place and time of an experience presenting real and authentic stories!

Areas of interest

Marketing destinations and promoting healthy living through best practice sharing

Tourism & Travelling

Boosting the digital presence of a destination and delivering customized choices about activities

Outdoor activities & Nature

Supporting concepts, actions and initiatives which connect people with nature and bring environmental friendly and sustainable solutions

Nutrition & Health

Counseling about healthy body weight and designing informative flyers for a balanced nutrition

Education & Training

Organizing and implementing seminars which aim at changing eating behavior and forming healthy eating habits

Potential partnerships

Municipalities/Prefectures/Tourism Boards and Stakeholders

to create content, make photos and produce promotional material (destination marketing)

Accommodation owners and ecotourism properties

to write articles on special interest tourism (SIT) experiences as well as to employ ideas in order to communicate the narrative of the company to the target audience (storytelling)

Local food producers and wineries

to write/edit website texts and create posts/newsletters for the presentation of the products and their online promotion

Airline and ferry companies

to support the ad campaign of their destinations (write articles, post photos, create newsletters)

Printed or online travel journals and newspapers

to write destination articles and provide photographic material to be used in print publications

Alternative tourism and outdoor event agencies

to create travel content and online promotional material (fotos, texts, destination experiences)

Activity clubs (Hiking, Cycling, etc), ski and spa centers

to create online promotional material

Gyms, Academies, Personal trainers, Camps

to design the nutrition plan and manage the athletes’ follow up and/or implement nutrition education seminars

Nutrition food companies, sportswear companies, etc.

to handle the company's campaign plan by creating content, writing articles/reviews, researching the market, etc.