The term wellness

…appeared in 1960, when Dr.Halbert Dunn combined the words well-being and fitness with reference to the balance between body, mind and soul together with the environment, culture and spirituality.

Following the path of nature and combining the areas I specialize in…

Nutrition for health (wellbeing)...

Activities for an adequate physical condition (fitness)

Trips and travelling which turn into fairytales...

…I created my own brand: WellnessĪ¤ales!

Areas of interest

Travelling, Tourism & Recreation

Boosting the digital presence of a destination and delivering customized choices about activities

Nutrition, Exercise & Wellbeing

Coaching, Education, Journalism

Promotion, Marketing & Advertising

Communication strategy, Research marketing, Copywriting

Potential partnerships

Municipalities, Prefectures, Stakeholders, Tourism Boards & Councils

Alternative tourism travel agencies, newspapers, magazines

Local producers, SMEs within the industries of food, sports, and tourism

Agritourism units, wineries, Small accommodation owners

Health and activities Clubs, Sport academies, Children's camps

Health Professionals, Personal trainers, SPA and well-being centers