10 reasons I love cycling

  1. Feeling of freedom; totally UNREAL, especially when downhill… reminds you that the climbing effort was definitely worth it!
  2. Breathing fresh air is a potent stress reliever and an effective way to shake off routine.
  3. Activity with a low environmental impact which contributes to sustainability.
  4. Consistent exercise to remain fit. Euphoria feeling due to the extra positive effects of outdoor recreation compared to indoor training.
  5. All 4 senses more intense; loading images, variety of smells and aromas, sounds, and flavors of fruits you just cut from the tree!
  6. Valuable time to get inspired and set goals. Evolves the thinking process while being positive and confident.
  7. Contact with nature improves health; way to boost your mood and lift your spirits.
  8. Evenly awesome either alone or with friends. Better share the long rides to keep you motivated and have fun along the way.
  9. Different level to view earth and landscapes. Eventually, offers a different perspective of life too!
  10. Every single day can be a small adventure, a new exploration, an unforgettable and challenging experience

So, take a proud decision: invest on a bicycle and regularly find time to go cycling. It can bring you several benefits which gradually heal the body and mind…

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