Crete, the Minoan island

Challenge of the day: dare you to visit one of my favourite islands!

Name the first place that you can think of which connects the island with history.  Knossos palace from Mythology is probably the first one that came up…  To me, a magic spot on earth and a favourite city in Greece is the Venetian Fortezza, and Rethymno!

Do you know about the E4 trail? It is the European long distance path. Part of the route also runs along the south coastline of Crete, so you can actually walk the whole island from one side to the other while marveling awesome views of the Libyan sea on the way!

Only fresh products consist and present one of the most tasteful traditional cuisines. The whole world acknowledges and strives to follow the Mediterranean regimen. Wouldn’t you like to have the chance to experience it?

Always warm and hospitable, Cretans are ready to welcome you in their home. Ask them to tell you mantinades (rhyming folk songs) and they will treat you raki (grapes’ originated alcohol drink) for the rest of the day!

Crete does get snow at Lefka Ori and famous Psiloritis; however, winter comes only for the 3 known months. If you are up for swimming at isolated beaches, maybe the perfect period to book your trip is during May, June and even October! Always summer on the island…

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